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The Charlie McMullen Mile –Try It!

The gold standard of running and fitness

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Today the mile distance or some variation of it is used as a fitness test in schools, the military and police academies. It is THE GLAMOUR EVENT at track meets, World Championships and the Olympics. It is the distance most runners use to calculate their “pace” for races or training runs. It is the distance that challenges both your speed and your endurance. And if you compete in running races, it’s a distance you should run at least once a year for time just for the challenge of it and to see where you’re at.  It’s such an important an event, it’s a GRTC Rochester Runner of the year event. Actually, there are multiple races on the track since we group the contestants by “seed” times so everyone is running with folks about their ability level and/or age. So, this is an event you put on your calendar now, no matter how fast or slow you think you are. You’ll have fun participating and help promote “Track” as part of the Greater Rochester TRACK Club.

The McMullen Mile is a race run in memory of the late Charlie McMullen who arguably was one of Rochester’s best runners ever.  In the mid 1970's Charlie McMullen, who graduated Spencerport High School in 1969, broke the 4 minute barrier when he ran the mile in 3:56.4 in 1974. He had run many great races at the University of Missouri and was a national class masters runner in the 80' and 90's. He also won the Drake Relays marathon in a time of 2 hours and 15 minutes and 19 seconds in 1977. Charlie had an amazing range of distances he could race at world class levels, He was also a world class person throughout his life and worked as a Special Education Teacher in the Rochester City School District. Charlie was also a dedicated volunteer with the Special Olympics and earned a Lifetime Achievement award for his efforts. He was inducted into the Greater Rochester Track Club Hall of Fame in 1993.  In 1998 along with brother Tim, Charlie led the Genesee Valley Harriers to their first of many USATF National Masters team and individual championships. Charlie died of cancer in August of 2003. This race serves to honor his pursuit of excellence in running and life as well as his positive spirit. By completing this race you will be a part of his legacy.

If you have raced in a road race or done a hard workout sometime in the last year you can and should do this event. The McMullen Mile is an event of the Genesee Valley Harriers Running Club and is sponsored in collaboration with the Greater Rochester Track Club and Innovative Edge Sports.